Dermamelan face scrub


There has been a great progressive boom in the beauty process in general, and of course the face is receiving great attention, especially by women. As it is the first sign of its beauty and freshness; Therefore, concerns have turned to everything that works to restore the skin to its beauty, and perhaps one of the most important methods used to restore the freshness of the skin is the cold peeling and peeling operations of various forms and features, and one of the most important types of peeling is what is known as “Dermamelan peeling”.

Dermamelan face scrub

Dermamelan peeling is a skin peeling process that removes the strongest pigments printed on the skin such as freckles, melasma and various brown spots that may result from the accumulation of melanin pigments in the skin. It also works to treat large pores, and this type of peel is considered a safe and painless option at all, and this type of peel falls under the so-called cold peeling.

Cases treated by dermamelan peeling

Dermamelan treats many skin problems, for example age spots. Pigmentation resulting from exposure to sunlight; Brown spots that result from using birth control drugs or light-sensitivity spots. Pigmentation conditions that follow some inflammatory diseases; Cases of freckles and melasma.

Advantages of dermamelan peeling

One of the main advantages of dermamelan peeling is that it provides a safety component for the patient. There is no fear of any side effects, and the patient does not need to rest at home for a certain period of time, as is the case in laser peels or peelings that use fruit acids, so Dermamelan peeling is the best choice. Where the patient can go to work the next day and practice his life normally.

One of its most important therapeutic advantages is that it has a dual effect. As it exfoliates the skin so that the brown spots are eliminated; It also works on the cells responsible for the skin coloring process, known as “melanocytes”. It works on modifying the factors that may lead to pigmentation, thus protecting the skin from the formation of black spots in the future.

Stages of dermamelan peeling

Dermamelan peeling takes place in two basic stages: Where the first stage is to clean the skin with an alcohol solution in order to remove the sebum secretions from the skin so that the medicinal substance penetrates into the layers of the skin and then the Dermamelan mask is placed, then the patient leaves home with this mask. It was washed off after six or eight hours.

The second stage of peeling comes, which is the use of Dermamelan cream only once in the evening with some moisturizing creams. This is done according to the instructions of the physician treating the case.

The side effects of peeling

The patient may experience some redness of the skin while being treated with “Dermamelan” cream and of course, peeling of its layers. However, this situation is temporary and stabilizes during the skin’s response to treatment, and the patient does not need any other sessions before the lapse of three months from the previous session, and treatment with Dermamelan does not exceed two sessions per year.

The patient feels tightness in the skin after he removes the mask; This continues for a day or two after removal, and the patient also notices some redness in the skin; During the first periods of using Dermamelan Cream indoors, the patient also experiences visible peeling of some layers of the skin; This occurs during the first week of using the Dermamelan mask, and a moisturizer suitable for the skin is used according to the instructions of the attending physician

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