Sushi is a magic recipe to expel the ghost of heart disease  

Sushi is a magic recipe to expel the ghost of heart disease


The British newspaper Daily Mail shed more light on sushi, the famous Japanese dish, through recent medical studies supervised by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh.


The results revealed that a healthy diet reduces the risk of calcification and calcium deposition in the coronary arteries that supply the heart, leading to hardening over time.


The results of the study, which included 300 people and lasted for 5 years, revealed that American men who ate one slice of fish per week increased their chances of developing coronary artery calcification three times compared to Japanese men who ate a slice and a half of sushi every day on a regular basis.


The exciting health benefits of sushi are due to it containing large amounts of omega-3 fatty acid, which reduces the formation of fatty masses deposited on the arteries and reduces inflammation.


Sushi is a popular Japanese food. It is made from pickled rice, covered with rectangular slices of skinless raw fish, or the rice is wrapped around various fillings of seafood, vegetables, breakfast, fish eggs, or red meat. This roll is covered with a thin sheet of seaweed to hold it together and add another flavor.

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