Grapes are the number one cause of acne

Italian scientists discovered that bacteria that infect human skin and cause acne have been living in ordinary vines since ancient times.

Scientists also discovered this strain of microorganisms in grape berries and assumed that this particular adaptation helped humans grow grapes.

Bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms usually move from one organism to another, where they find a new home, although scientists have observed such cases between organisms that are similar in some characteristics.

As for humans and grapes, they not only belong to two different species, but rather to two different kingdoms of living things.

A team of scientists revealed this fact while studying the DNA of one of the grapes, where the researchers found a genetic sequence specific to bacteria, which is not possible to exist there in theory.

After studying the DNA extracted from grapes, scientists assumed that this particular bacteria had infected grapes approximately 7,000 years ago, that is, since humans began cultivating them, according to “Russia Today.”

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