superstitious solution to get rid of extreme thinness!

Although thinness may be healthy, some women like to have a beautiful body, here is the superstitious solution to get rid of extreme thinness!

Here’s a superstitious solution to get rid of extreme thinness!

Ingredients for the fairy recipe:

1- Biscuits
You can use any kind of plain biscuits that you like.

2- Cheese
You can use cheese because it is rich in proteins, and it increases weight, and we mainly need it in the recipe.

You can replace the cheese with milk.


3- Walnut
We use the non-roasted type (without roasting), and it contains many vitamins that are beneficial to the body, healthy fats, and calories that the body needs to gain weight.

Preparation steps:
In a suitable bowl, put a box of biscuits (about 12 biscuits), and we grind it in the electric grinder until it becomes a powder.
Grind the walnuts in the electric mill as well, and after grinding it will be like dough.


Add the walnuts to the crushed biscuits and mix the ingredients well together until they become homogeneous.
Add the sweetened cheese in the amount of two to four tablespoons, as desired, and mix the ingredients well until they are homogeneous.

How to use:
Eat the mixture several times during the day, meaning that you take several spoons of it whenever you want and use it on a daily basis.
You will feel a quick difference within days.
Eat it as you like with breakfast, lunch or dinner and according to the required weight.

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