Sugars impair memory and make us stupid

We usually resort to sugars at times when we are in a bad mood or when we feel stressed in order to make us feel better, but scientists from the University of California warn against eating sugars in abundance or resorting to them at times when we need our concentration and memory, as a recent study says that sugars Memory weakens and makes us stupid!


Scientists studied the effect of fructose on mice. It is a sugar that is 3 times sweeter than cane sugar, and is found in abundance in soft drinks and ready-made foods or manufactured under the name corn syrup.


Look at the amount of sugar in a bottle of soft drinks!!


The study was that they first put the rats on the teacher’s paths with distinctive signs so that they would remember their way, and after 6 weeks on a diet based on sugars, the rats could not remember their way easily and were slower than other rats, and the scientists found that there was a problem with the cerebral signals of the brain cells of these rats after six weeks. Weeks of eating fructose, causing her confusion and inability to remember events!



Since the brain chemistry of mice is similar to that of humans, eating sugar for a long period of time can impair our memory and affect our concentration.


Scientists believe that consuming too much fructose impairs the ability of the hormone insulin to do its job, as it essentially determines how cells store the sugars and energy needed to be able to work and produce ideas.

Previous studies have proven the harmful effect of sugars on the human body, but this is the first study to reveal the direct effect of sugars on the human brain.


Does this mean that sugars cause damage to our brains that we cannot repair?


No, the good news here is that eating foods full of omega-3, such as nuts, salmon, and olive oil, can counteract the harmful effect of sugars, as omega-3 are fatty acids that enhance memory and strengthen concentration. Scientists also believe that foods rich in omega-3 protect brain cells from the effects of fructose. Harmful.


Omega-3 pills can be purchased from pharmacies, where they are sold in many different types.


Let us always try to maintain a diet that contains Omega-3 and avoid sugars as much as possible

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