Sugar and television are the most important dangers to a child’s dental health

In addition to brushing your teeth, diet plays an important role in your child’s oral and dental health. Of course, sugar is the number one enemy of dental health. The higher its quantity, the greater the risk of tooth decay. The amount of time watching television affects a child’s diet. The more exposure to the screen, the greater the risk of obesity.


The most dangerous sugary foods are sticky candies such as caramel, chewing gum, and dried fruits, especially when a child keeps them in his mouth for hours.


Parents should ensure that the child brushes his teeth well after consuming sugars, in addition to not allowing sugary drinks to be placed in the child’s cup that contains a straw.


The responsibility of the parents is to limit the amount of sweets that the child eats, as all children love sweets and ice cream, and here is the role of the parents in emphasizing a diet that contains all the nutrients that help in healthy growth and not tooth decay.


It is possible to present baked goods, potatoes, and other useful foods such as vegetables in an attractive and innovative way, so that the child gets used to eating nutritious foods, and sweets remain a form of entertainment.


Avoiding television advertisements helps control cravings for unhealthy foods. Studies have shown that children who watch television more than 3 hours a day have a greater tendency toward obesity.


It is difficult to distract a child from candy products after seeing their advertisements on television, but parents must monitor their children’s eating habits, talk to them about the benefits of healthy eating, and be an example of healthy eating habits for the child.


It is useful to reduce sugar, salt, and fat in family food in general, because this helps the child get used to healthy tastes.

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