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Study: 5 genes that "speed" the death of a Corona patient - Care Beauty

Study: 5 genes that “speed” the death of a Corona patient


5 genes have been identified in the human body that increase a person’s infection with a dangerous condition of the emerging corona virus and may lead to death.

The University of Edinburgh in Britain has collected the nuclear envelope of more than 2,700 people infected with the Coronavirus in 208 intensive care units across Britain.

The study included the most dangerous cases of those infected with the virus, as 22 percent of those surveyed died, while 74 percent of those infected needed respirators.

The genetic information of these patients was compared to 100,000 unknown Britons, and 5 genes appeared to be extremely common in severe cases of Covid-19.

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The researchers say that knowing the genes involved in severe cases of Coronavirus infection can help scientists identify pre-existing drugs that can help treat Covid-19.

The genes were defined as 2 of them are of type chromosome 19 and are called TYK2 and DPP9, and the third genome is called IFNAR2, and it is found on chromosome 21.

CCR2 is a gene located on the fourth chromosome, and OAS1 is located in the twelfth chromosome.

The importance of this study is that it identifies specific genes that play a role in infection with Coronavirus disease, and thus exposes them as targets for potential treatments.

The five genes are divided into one of two groups: altered genes resulting from inflammation, or antiviral drugs.