Stress and anxiety spoil the skin

Beauticians recommend using a moisturizer for the skin rich in nourishing vitamins

Dubai – Regular exercise helps to maintain a fit body and maintain a slim body, as it increases the body’s flexibility and gives it a boost of activity and energy.

On the other hand, it improves blood circulation and the functions of all body organs, including the skin, as fresh air brings life For tired skin.

Therefore, it is recommended to exercise, such as walking and swimming, as part of a weekly program.

At the same time, this cannot be considered enough to obtain a fresh skin because stress and anxiety leave their mark on the skin.

The body converts the energy that is supposed to be used to regenerate the skin or skin cells and uses it to adapt to anxiety, tension, constant frowning or tightening of the facial muscles.

All this leads to the appearance of early signs of aging.

How do wrinkles arise?

It takes about 10 years for wrinkles to appear suddenly on the skin. The combination of a poor diet and prolonged exposure to sunlight over time leads to the breakdown or cutting of “collagen” and “elastin”, the two substances that work to support the skin and give it the advantage of elasticity, and break it into small pieces instead of lying in the form of long strips. With a little support and support, they become loose, flabby and show folds and wrinkles.

The skin cells also become irregular in shape and size and slowly shed their dead cells, giving the skin a rough and lacking appearance, especially on the upper two layers.

Aging skin has a thinner layer of fat at the bottom of the epidermis than younger skin, so it tends to sag and lose its elasticity instead of remaining hydrated and elastic. This is also a reason why weight should be maintained with age.

If the skin loses its elasticity and elasticity, it will not shrink to fit the new thinness, but will remain flabby and wrinkled.

Permanent beauty is linked to learning how to control stress and psychological pressure, getting used to relaxation, and making sure to get enough sleep in order to be a store of energy and psychological calm.

Exercising contributes to calming and revitalizing the mind. The most prominent symptoms of nervous and psychological stress are hair loss, poor skin appearance and lack of energy.

One of the simplest means of relieving stress and tension is sitting or standing properly while keeping the back straight in all positions, taking a deep breath, stretching, moving the shoulders in a circular motion from left to right, relaxing the mind, practicing yoga and the omathera massage known as aromatherapy, and avoiding the prolonged use of drugs that calm the nerves or Anti-depressant or hypnotic, while abstaining from smoking and excessive eating and drinking.

And beauticians recommend using a moisturizer for the skin rich in nourishing vitamins that suit its type, in addition to using a sunscreen and cleaning the skin deeply on a regular basis. They also advise to refrain from applying makeup in dusty or polluted weather.

Others give a set of tips for relaxation, such as stretching on the back and raising the legs on a pillow straight, as well as listening to calm music for meditation, at least an hour a day.