8 tips for moms getting fit after 50

There are some changes in hormones in mothers who are over the age of fifty.

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Top tips to stay in shape as you age:
Eat 5 meals a day, and make sure that dinner is light.
– Control the amounts of “carbohydrates” consumed, and make them sweet, especially at breakfast and lunch.
Include proteins in every meal, and choose the healthy ones.
Eat healthy fats, such as those that contain “omega-3”, such as olive and canola oils, nuts, avocados, fish and seafood, and avoid those saturated that contain red meat, butter, whole milk and its derivatives, as well as hydrogenated fats available in processed foods.
Note: Although olive oil is a healthy fat,
However, it is a concentrated source of energy and exposes you to gaining additional weight.

Eat more fiber, which is abundant in fruits
vegetables, legumes, chips and whole wheat products,
The best fiber is found in vegetables, because they are more concentrated in vitamins and minerals than other products, and they contain few calories.

It is considered the best way to fight cancer, especially colon cancer, and contributes to reducing susceptibility to chronic diseases (diabetes and cholesterol).

– Drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day,
They rid you of toxins in your body.
Do exercise regularly, in order to maintain muscle mass

When following a certain diet, reducing exposure to a number of diseases, as well as being a better tool to reduce the level of stress. Its performance is not limited to club attendance,
Increasing physical activity also helps in this area.
Such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator and reducing the use of the car.
Finally, pay attention to two factors: the very important cooking method in reducing fat and controlling the quantities of food consumed

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