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Standing while working helps with weight loss

There is no doubt that sitting at work for long periods has many harms, the most important of which is obesity and heart disease, and this was confirmed by a recent medical study conducted by British researchers at the University of Chester, where it was stated in the study that standing while working for 3 hours a day burns about 8 kg of fat annually. And the researchers confirm that high and elevated desks help employees to stand all the time, which helps them lose weight easily


The study stated that employees who sit at their desks for hours on end should consider the idea of ​​standing from time to time, based on the writer Ernest Hemingway, who loved standing on his feet, and he composed something new, and Dr. John Buckley, Department of Clinical Sciences and Nutrition at the University of Chester, said: Switching from the idea of ​​sitting to doing office work by standing would reduce obesity, and consume approximately 144 calories.

and improve blood circulation


In another study, the American Cancer Society confirmed that those who sit behind a desk for more than six hours are at risk of obesity, heart diseases and cancer, and said that these people have an increased chance of dying early compared to those who sit 3 hours a day or less.


The study recommended people whose working conditions prevent them from

Exercising on a regular basis by moving between office avenues and talking to colleagues directly instead of using messaging programs and internal chats, standing while answering phone calls, and walking outside the building


On the other hand, the study recommended avoiding long looking at the computer screen and taking a break while working to give the eye the opportunity to blink naturally and avoid constant staring at the computer screen.

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