Some advice for acne sufferers


Many things reduce the chance of acne, including


1. Reducing eating some fatty foods such as French fries, pizza, or chocolate, and eating more vegetables and fruits.

2. Washing the face twice a day with soap and warm water helps to keep the pores of the skin open, which are the orifices of the follicles.

3. Do not rub the pimples hard or press or tamper with them

4. For women, make sure that the makeup they use is free of fat
5. Remove makeup well

6. When you use any hair sprays, make sure that they are far from the face when using because these sprays may cause clogging Pores, and if you have long hair that touches your face, make sure that you wash it adequately and frequently with water and shampoo.

7. Not to use more than one type of cream and moisturizer at the same time, because this causes dry skin and its appearance is very bad, and making sure that it is natural and does not cause allergies by trying a small part of it before using it.
Types of acne. People
with acne appear with several types of spots. Classified into two types:
Non-inflammatory spots,
which are of two types:
Blackheads (comedons):
These spots are formed as a result of the gathering of a colored substance called melanin (a pigment secreted by special cells of the skin) in the
upper part of the sebaceous gland duct. In the form of a white worm that tends to yellow with a blackhead

Factors that lead to the appearance of acne The
The most important of these factors are:
Hormonal factors
Acne affects the active sebaceous glands only, and it has been scientifically proven that the male hormone, androgen, is the stimulating hormone for the sebaceous glands in males and females as well.
Microbial factors
Some microbes live naturally on the surface of the skin and in the orifices of the sebaceous hair follicles, and they coexist with the human being and do not usually cause him any trouble. infections around.

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