Peeling the skin with natural materials


Peeling the skin with natural materials.


You can dispense with skin peeling creams, scrubs, soap, and chemicals, and try these easy ways to clean the pores of the face well.


Wash your face with water only, and you can lighten the pores by using a towel moistened with hot water and massaging the face with it, opening the pores of the skin and cleaning it from dust and dirt.


Use oatmeal, soften it a little with water and then rub it on your face, but stay away from the eye area, then rinse your face with lukewarm water.


You can also make a paste of cooked oats and then put it on your face until it dries and without scrubbing, then rinse your face with warm water.


You can use a well-beaten egg white, apply it on your face, leave it until it dries, and then rinse it off with cold water.

How do you deal with Your the heat?!

Skin specialists agreed on the diseases that there are anti-skin factors that should be avoided until the skin beauty and softness and freshness and retain freshness, it comes at the top of this list:

* soap: Because aggressive cleaner works to spoil the outer layer of protective skin, pumps grease and fat to the surface, so advise the use of skin-free detergent soap, or lotion to remove make-up.
* coffee: because they cause the widening of continuing making the skin heats and secrete sweat frequently flee, including the amount of water that you need To maintain its freshness, therefore, specialists advise drinking a cup of water after each cup of coffee to compensate for the loss

* The sun: It is known that it is the first enemy of the skin because of the ultraviolet rays that it sends to attack the skin, and cause it to dry out. Therefore, specialists and beauty house experts advise the necessity of using a moisturizer for the skin that contains an ingredient to protect it from the sun’s rays, especially in the summer.

* bath or shower hot: it leads to cracking the fat layer that covers the skin, and thus causes the dry, so advise the need to not take a shower for a long time, with the importance of bathing water lukewarm use moisturizer cream for skin after drying directly, not to exceed the drying period of three minutes because it allows the period to compensate any loss or damage to the skin you need.

* Ethnicity: of the worst enemies of the skin because it causes dryness, Therefore, the room temperature should be moderate to avoid high body temperature that leads to the secretion of a large amount of sweat

* Lack of water: leads to dry skin, and helps the appearance of wrinkles early, so specialists advise the need to drink large amounts of water, especially in the summer to compensate for the loss, and to eat foods that contain a large amount of water, the most important of which are fatty acids, such as oils and omega – 3 and 6, citrus and vitamins a. d. b, in addition to antioxidants.  Do not be stingy with the responses

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