Snow White mixture for whiteness of the body and skin in 3 days

Snow White mixture for whiteness of the body and skin in 3 days

Every girl dreams of having a uniform body color free of spots and annoying blackness, which forms in some places, especially sensitive places. Today, in the Arab Woman magazine, we will show you a wonderful and amazing recipe that will give your whole skin as white as snow white, and it is as follows:


First we need:


1_ can of 100 milliliters of liquid glycerin.


2_ Then we need a small box of gelsolid.


3_ A small box of Vicks is original and for those who do not know what Vicks is, the scientific name for it is “Menthol”. .


4_4 tablespoons of sweet almond oil.





4-5 tablespoons of Vaseline.


6_3 tablespoons of castor oil.


7_6 tablespoons of baby powder.


8_ a large spoon of starch.


9-6 tablespoons of rose water.


10_ Half a glass of water.


The way is as follows:


We bring a deep, clean plastic bowl and mix the gelsolid and glycerin in it, and then add the baby powder to them and leave them aside.


The second step: We mix half a cup of water, rose water and starch and stir them over a low heat until the ingredients are homogeneous with each other, and then we leave them aside until they cool.


Then we mix the remaining ingredients, which are Vaseline, castor oil and sweet almond oil, and leave the mixture aside.


After that we bring all the ingredients that we have previously mixed intermittently and mix them together in a deep plastic bowl, and then keep the mixture in an airtight container in the refrigerator.


As for the method of using the mixture, the method is:


Paint the darkened area or the one to be bleached, and wait 10 minutes before putting on clothes, so that the painted area dries up and the skin absorbs the mixture.


Repeat the body fat every night and you will notice the huge difference for yourself..

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