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Magical mask of honey for the treatment of thinness of the face

It is known that honey works to nourish and lighten the skin and gives the skin freshness and beauty. The honey used should be of good types. Today, Madam, we will present to you recipes for treating the thinnest face and fattening the cheeks.Try it and tell us what you think.


First description:

We mix a spoonful of baking powder + a spoon of starch + a spoon of honey + 3 spoons of yogurt and mix together and then put on the face for half an hour, then rinse the face with cold water and then with cold rose water. To get good results, apply this recipe twice a week.

Second description:




To fatten the cheeks, a mask is made of a dry fenugreek that is boiled, then filtered, and a spoonful of instant yeast is placed on the fenugreek water, mixed and placed on the cheeks for half an hour.

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