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Simple food that fights cancer - Care Beauty

Simple food that fights cancer

Clinical Director and Supervising Pharmacist, Hussein Abdo, from Medicine Direct, revealed a type of small vegetable that can help lead a longer life and may reduce the incidence of cancer.

In this context, a food that can help promote longevity by reducing the risk of cancer includes Brussels sprouts.

Abdo added: “Brussels sprouts are a wealth of fiber and nutrients that can have a beneficial effect on your health for a wide range of reasons.”

He continued: “However, the phytochemical compounds found in this type of vegetable could be useful in warding off cancer.”

On the other hand, the pharmacist explained that phytochemicals help boost the body’s antioxidants and DNA defenses.

Which enhances healthy cell signals.

He added, “Phytochemicals are known for their ability to prevent the growth of tumors as well as inhibit the production of hormones associated with cancer formation.”

In addition, Abdo said that small green vegetables may help prevent a variety of cancers.

Including cancer of the lung, stomach, prostate, breast, kidney and bladder.

The controversial food is also full of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K and calcium.

The Live Medicine expert recommends a regular dose of Brussels sprouts to get all the “potential anti-cancer properties” of this vegetable.