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Simple daily habits that get rid of the problem of underarm sweating

Underarm sweating is one of the most common problems, especially during summer and hot days, and although it may seem an inevitable problem, there are steps that can help relieve it as much as possible.


In the following, we explain simple daily habits that will eliminate the problem of underarm sweating:


Be sure to remove the hair


Excess hair in this area helps retain moisture, and leads to excessive sweating and odor. Therefore, it is important to take care to remove the hair under the armpits, first.


Evening deodorant


In addition to making sure, of course, to use a suitable deodorant, be sure to use it in the evening, as experts advise this step; Because during the evening the sweat glands are less active, the product is better absorbed by the pores, and its effect lasts more than usual until the next morning.





Wait a few minutes after showering


Experts advise not to get dressed immediately after the shower and to wait a few minutes; to allow the body to stabilize and cool off, and also to dry before getting dressed; This will prevent your armpits from sweating a lot, especially if you live in a place with high humidity, or take a hot shower regularly.


Take a shower after exercising


Do not give in to rest after exercising, and quickly rinse your body with water to get rid of the effects of sweating as a result of exercises, as waiting and leaving sweating on the body can lead to skin diseases. So, be sure to wash after exercise, especially rinse your armpits and dry it well, then apply a nice moisturizer.


No to baking soda


Many fall into the trap of using baking soda as a magic solution to prevent armpit sweating, but in fact, it is the opposite and harmful as well. Studies have indicated that using baking soda on the skin may cause it to burn and damage the skin barrier, which leads to other problems. So, in general, avoid using bread to prevent armpit sweating.


Avoid caffeine


It is also recommended that sources of caffeine be avoided as much as possible; Because it increases sweating and activates the nervous system, it also contributes to high blood pressure, increased heart rate and the activity of sweat glands. So, be sure to avoid it or reduce its consumption as much as possible.

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