Signs that face wash is bad for your skin

Cleansing the face with a lotion is one of the most important steps of a skin care routine, and if a face wash is suitable for your skin type, it helps enhance the skin’s natural glow and maintains its moisture. Conversely, choosing the wrong cleanser harms the health and barrier of the skin. And if you are unaware of whether your cleanser is suitable for your skin type or not, here are the signs that a cleanser is not suitable:


The skin is dry and tight


If you feel that your skin is dry and tight after washing the face, you may use a harsh cleanser on the face, so you should use a more balanced cleanser, in order to leave the skin completely clean.


The presence of impurities and dirt on the cotton pillows


If you follow your strict cleansing, moisturizing and toner routine, and the toner pads are full of dirt, it’s possible that the lotion isn’t cleaning the skin effectively. The presence of dirt after washing the face can cause clogged pores and the appearance of pimples, and to counter this, you can resort to double cleaning at night using an oil cleanser at first, to remove dirt, sunscreen, and makeup, and the oil cleanser will act as a magnet and will pull dirt, and then you can use Another cleanser as a second step for proper skin cleansing.




appearance of pores

Argan Oil from Morocco


  1. Using the wrong lotion causes enlarged pores on the face, and it may lead to the accumulation of dirt inside them. Which can lead to more breakouts, experts recommend using a cleanser to clean pores with ingredients, such as glycolic acid, that leave the skin clean and moisturized. In addition, you must make sure to use a gentle cleanser suitable for the skin, which does not remove the natural oil from the skin, and washing the face twice a day will give the skin the necessary benefits, but it should not be excessively washed; Because it can make the skin drier and cause inflammation.

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