Plasma fibroblasts: a new type of face-lift technique

Are you thinking of getting botox or filler for tight and supple skin? We have a better alternative for you – fibroblast plasma skin tightening treatment. This non-surgical treatment can treat sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines to wrinkles.


It helps boost collagen production and gives you lasting results that are better than Botox and fillers. This is a relatively new procedure. Follow the topic to find out how it can benefit your skin.


What is the treatment of fibroblastic plasma?


Plasma skin tightening





Fibroplasma treatment is a non-surgical form of facelift. It uses a pen-like device that passes small electrical currents through the targeted area to create micro-incisions on the skin to boost collagen production.

The device, known as a plasma pen, has a thin, needle-like nozzle that discharges electrical currents. Its tip does not touch the skin, but rather hovers over it. The current causes a small excision on the skin. The skin is tricked into believing there is an injury, which causes it to stimulate collagen production.


Benefits of fibroblastic plasma therapy


1. Fade scars

Fibroplasma treatment boosts collagen production, which may help fade existing acne scars. Collagen is essential for building and maintaining the skin’s structure.

2. Skin tightening

Collagen production decreases with age. Your skin may lose its appearance and become saggy. With a fibroblast treatment, your skin gets a collagen boost that helps rebuild contour, giving you a firmer appearance.


3. Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

The collagen production from fibroblast treatment can fade signs of aging, such as wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines. It can give you a youthful look.


Preparing for the fibroblastic plasma session


Stay away from tanning beds, spray tanning beds and exposure to sunlight for at least 4-6 weeks prior to treatment to avoid burns and cause allergic reactions. Avoid chemical peels and peeling with active ingredients for 3-4 weeks prior to treatment to avoid allergic reactions. No to Botox or fillers procedures in the same area 3- 4 weeks prior to treatment. Avoid using retinol and retinoids for a week prior to treatment. If you have existing pigmentation problems, consult your doctor for consequences. FRP treatment is a great procedure if you are looking for a non-surgical way to tighten your skin and reduce wrinkles.

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