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Signs of a weak immune system.. How to boost the body’s immunity?

A weakened immune system is an invitation for germs, bacteria and viruses to invade our bodies, as the only defense mechanism of the body is the immune system, as it always remains alert against any external attack and protects the body from future attacks, usually this memory is stimulated naturally after the body is exposed to pathogens Diseases or the memory of the immune system is stimulated artificially with the help of vaccines. In this report, we learn about the most prominent signs of a weak immune system, according to the “Times of India” website.



A weak immune system puts the body through infections caused by a number of germs and pathogens, and provides a fertile ground for the reproduction and growth of all germs. A person should always be aware of the signs of a weak immune system and keep the body prepared against the attacks of pathogens.



Constant anxiety


Only a healthy body will have a calm mind, and when you are not well, it will definitely show on your mental health. Apart from this, there may be certain bouts of irritability that may be due to infection of a pathogen whose symptoms may not appear on the outside. Hence, if you are suffering If you experience persistent irritability and mental fatigue, see a doctor or do a self-examination. Keep records of common infections that occur in your body.



feeling lethargic


This is another serious sign of a weakened immune system. Since your body is always in a constant fight against foreign attacks, reactions within the body must hamper your energy level. The reaction of the immune system against pathogens consumes the body’s energy and that is why you feel tired despite regular sleep.


Slow wound healing.


Have you ever wondered why this wound takes so long to heal? Or why is that burn I had a week ago still incurable? This is because your immunity is weakened due to the inability of the affected skin to regenerate and heal. The body’s healing process depends on the immune system. The stronger the immunity, the faster the body’s recovery response.



Catching a cold..


It’s normal for adults to catch 2-3 colds a year, but if you catch colds more often than that, it’s time to monitor your immune system.



People with weak immune systems catch colds easily and frequently. These people get sick very easily.





Have you noticed that you have more cold sores than before? This could be the result of an infection. If it happens regularly, or if it is unable to heal on its own, you should know that you should take care of your immune system.



when infected with the Corona virus




According to data obtained from WHO reports, most people who were infected with the novel coronavirus in 2020 developed antibodies 1-3 weeks after the onset of symptoms. “Patients who had more severe disease seemed to have higher antibody levels.



Patients with mild or asymptomatic corona have low levels of neutralizing antibodies (or even undetectable levels).



In these people, it is possible that the innate immune response and the T-cell response may be clearance from the virus.



A person who has been cured of a viral infection is usually protected from another new infection if there are enough antibodies. However, changes in the sequence of the virus can make immunity less effective.


What should you do?




While the first and most important step is to consult a doctor, the second step would be to change your lifestyle, especially your diet. Seasonal organic foods will boost your immunity like no one else, not even supplements.



Try to eat more foods rich in vitamins, foods loaded with antioxidants, and those that are organically grown.

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