8 strange things that can happen during sleep

Sleep is a normal activity during which we charge our body’s batteries. But sometimes very strange things happen during it, which can sometimes be terrifying as well. These are some of the things that may happen to a person during his sleep.




1 – the feeling of falling


It is a disturbing dream about falling into a chasm from the ceiling or from a high place, usually accompanied by a sudden tingling tingling that occurs during the onset of falling asleep. doctor f. Christopher Winter, director of the Martha Jefferson Hospital Center in Virginia, explains this phenomenon by saying that although the body is paralyzed during sleep, a person can dream before his body is completely “extinguished”. This often happens when a person is tired, suffers from lack of sleep or stress, so the brain moves into the sleep cycle faster, while the body remains lagging behind.




2 – sleep paralysis


A person begins to wake up in the morning, but suddenly discovers that he is unable to move or speak. This really terrifying situation, during which one is between states of wakefulness and sleep, is sometimes called sleep paralysis and can last from a few seconds to a few minutes. This is completely opposite to what happens in the body during the stretching numbness, as the brain wakes up this time before the numbness or paralysis that accompanies deep sleep subsides. During sleep paralysis, one cannot usually move one’s limbs, but one can breathe and move one’s eyes.


“One can have the feeling of not being able to breathe, and many people liken it to an elephant sitting on their chest. This happens because all the muscles that control breathing, except for the diaphragm, are paralyzed,” explained Dr. Winter for Men’s Health magazine.




Sleeping is usually a safe activity if one does not have a problem with sleepwalking. Some of them get up during their sleep from the bed, or bring a pillow from one place to another inside the room, but others may get out of the house or may sit behind the wheel of the car and move with it. “During this state, a person comes out of his sleep to a degree that helps him move his body, but not enough to wake his brain,” explains Dr. Winter.


This condition appears mainly in children and usually disappears during adolescence. And if it recurs in adults, it could indicate a neurological disorder or the use of some type of medicine or drug. It can be caused by lack of sleep, fatigue, illness or stress.




4- Talking during it


According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, about five percent of adults talk in their sleep, while the rate is as high as 50 percent in children between the ages of three and ten. Most of these dialogues are about 30 seconds long. And according to Dr. Winter Van This phenomenon is repeated during the first hour or two of sleep, when the body is in the deep stage of sleep, but the muscles are not as relaxed as they should be, and therefore they can produce sound or movement.


People who sleep talk do so with each other, or with someone in the dream, but they can respond even to someone sleeping next to them.




5 – Recurring dreams


Do you dream about the same terrifying things and themes frequently? In this case, you should not immediately resort to the interpreter of dreams, because most of these dreams often have a logical explanation.


“Dreaming is the brain’s way of resolving things that need to be re-evaluated and operationalized before we store them as memories,” says Dr. Winter, who adds that recurring dreams are often triggered by unresolved psychological problems that our brain is trying to solve. These dreams are often related to reality.


“If a person is robbed in the store, he can recount what happened to him during sleep repeatedly until he gets even with that, but if he goes to the store to buy bread and milk only, then his brain has dealt with the matter immediately and moved it to the next stage.”


As for nightmares, that is, the terrifying dreams that awaken us and remember them, they often arise as a result of a harsh experience that one lived, and are linked to intense fear. It indicates something abnormal and medical help should therefore be sought.


sex during sleep


If you wake up during sex (in a dream) don’t panic, you are not alone in this world. In the study, which was conducted by specialists from the Center for Sleep Associated Diseases of the University of Health Network in Toronto, eight percent of 800 volunteers declared that they had this problem of dreaming about sex during sleep. This condition is similar to sleepwalking when one is only partially conscious, and after waking up usually does not remember anything. The incidence of this condition increases after stress or extreme fatigue.




7 – gnashing of teeth


This problem suffers about five percent of mature people, and there is no difference here between the sexes. The sufferer is never aware of it in most cases, but it can cause people sleeping in the same room to wake up, because the sound made by this creak is severe and disturbing. This mouth movement can damage the surface of the teeth, expose the jaw to devastating health symptoms, and can also be a cause of recurring headaches.


This condition cannot be cured, but the person who suffers from it can protect his teeth with a special guard that can be purchased easily.




8 – exploding head syndrome


It might actually sound as terrifying as the name suggests. “A person wakes up suddenly because he hears a very loud sound similar to an explosion, a lightning strike, or because he feels a state of explosion in the head. But in fact, none of that happened,” says Dr. Winter. This disturbing condition is rare, and it was filmed in one of the episodes of Dr. Famous House.

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