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Serum for the skin and how to apply it - Care Beauty

Serum for the skin and how to apply it


The skin is defined as the layers of the skin formed on top of each other, and the skin contains cells and many substances such as collagen, it also contains the pigment melanin, which is responsible for the discoloration of the skin, and there are many types of skin including normal, oily and mixed and in this article we will learn about the serum

What is Serum

Serum is known as a serum composed of many skin care products, and many doctors advise the use of serum, so that it turns out the difference between it and many types of creams skin care products, because it is free of activated ingredients such as Vaseline, and free of mineral oils, which preserve the amount of water present in the skin and prevent its evaporation, and scientific studies have proved that

Beauty experts advise using the serum to preserve the freshness and health of the skin, and give it a more youthful touch, and beauty expert Nikita Wilson, who is also responsible for the cosmetics industry and head of the Research Center, confirmed that the serum is the best treatment for oily skin so that it contains many ingredients that we believe the needs of،

The chair of the centre Veronica Cosmetic to healthy skin, reflected in a positive way when using the server regularly, so that the server consists of many materials contain active ingredients are anti-aging, anti-oxidant, studies have confirmed that serum contains peptides materials work on the distribution of the pigment melanin and lighten the skin, as the serum contains Kojic Acid and can use the server without resorting to dermatologists and in pharmacies without Prescription, the the server to re-skin vitality and freshness and his youth.


Benefits of serum for skin

There are many benefits offered by the serum to the skin, including:

The serum envelops the cells of the epidermis, helps protect them from environmental damage.

It contributes to slowing down the aging process, fights thin lines and wrinkles.

The serum restores and revitalizes the skin.

Moisturizes serum skin significantly and dramatically because it contains many active substances.

The serum stores water in the epidermis and accelerates its movement inside the cells.

The serum is ideal for solving all the problems of dryness and getting rid of dry skin.

Contributes to the loss of vitamins and nutrients to the skin.

Protects the skin from tiredness and fatigue.

The serum reduces skin looseness and helps tighten the skin.

The serum reduces the proportion of allergies in the skin that are often allergic to cosmetic products.

Protects the skin from harmful sunlight.

Serum restores freshness and revitalizes the face.

The serum eliminates grains and seeds as acne.

The serum improves the texture of the skin, makes its texture smooth.

Serum relieves skin from pigmentation.

The serum closes the wide pores that act on the appearance of blackheads.

Method of using serum for the skin

Here’s the best way to use the serum, Ma’am.:

Circular washing and peeling to remove dirt from the surface of the skin.

Put one drop of the serum on the fingertip of the fingers and distribute it on the forehead, cheeks and chin.

Put three to five drops of serum in the palm of the hand and then rub it until the serum feels warm in the hands.

We put the serum on the face and distribute it well on the face in an even way.

We massage the face well because it allows to absorb as much serum as possible.

We squeeze the skin by hand and gently for up to thirty to sixty seconds, to increase the absorption of the serum.

We massage the skin with small circular movements for sixty seconds.

Apply a moisturizing cream to the skin to enhance the action of the serum.