Seemingly harmless habits interfere with your mental health

There are many activities during your day that may seem harmless to your health, but when we look at them with concentration, they are disastrous for our physical and mental health.




According to healthsite, it’s a good idea to take a look at the habits that negatively affect your mental health


Hang the phone on your face



The harmless habit of passing your phone before bed can affect your mental health life. Smartphones can delay REM sleep and keep you awake for hours beyond your usual bedtime. Checking your phone at this time can stimulate your brain, as artificial light from The phone is daylight and will disable the body clock. A study shows that phone use around bedtime is a disorganized activity with no start and end points.


Not engaging in fun activities



With tough working hours and a sedentary lifestyle, the world has forgotten to have fun. A decreased interest in activities you once enjoyed and a decreased ability to experience pleasure can push your mental health over the edge.


Researchers have shown that taking free time as a waste of productivity leads to poor mental health, and the association between free time and lost time will ultimately rob us of happiness and joy.


Not drinking enough water

With brain tissue made up of 73% water, there is no doubt that this life-protective drink is an essential nutrient for your mental health. Thirst is a primal instinct of the body. If you are not drinking enough water in a day, you are probably keeping your body in a state of survival, the body is in a mode of staying always in a fighting mode, not only does your cognitive abilities slow down, but you are also more prone to anxiety and panic attacks.