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Concealer colors and their uses - Care Beauty

Concealer colors and their uses

Concealer colors and their uses, where the concealer is a basic makeup that saves the day, covering all skin imperfections, its colors vary between green, orange, pink and purple, each color has an effective use in concealing dark spots and pigmentation, and thus you get a complete makeup free of defects, For any news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Telegram.


Concealer colors and their uses are green, orange, purple, pink.


Follow the following details with us to learn about concealer colors and their uses step by step:


Green: Green concealer or concealer is used to hide skin redness and cover the effects of acne and pimples, and therefore the color of the concealer used to cover redness and pimples is green. Use it and see for yourself the effectiveness of the color of the concealer and its use in concealing skin defects.


Orange: One of the concealer colors used to hide annoying dark circles with its blue color, it is orange, especially for people with dark skin, and also gives dark skin a homogeneous and uniform appearance.


Purple: If you suffer from uneven skin tones, or yellow spots, then your ideal choice to cover these flaws professionally is the purple concealer, which gives you a perfect skin free of pigmentation and uniform color without yellow spots.


Pink: Use concealer in pink, or create it by combining concealer in red, orange and yellow colors, pink concealer is used to hide dark circles under the eyes, you can also use peach-colored concealer, these are the colors of the concealer and its uses.





How to apply concealer


After we got acquainted with the colors of the concealer and the uses of each color of them, here is the method of application, after applying the primer and before distributing the foundation cream or foundation, and distribute the color of the concealer, whether green, purple, orange or pink, on the areas to cover the flaws, using the dedicated brush or beauty blender To distribute the concealer professionally, thus getting rid of various skin problems such as redness, pigmentation, dark spots, dark circles and acne scars.


Tips when choosing concealer colors First you have to choose the perfect color and shade suitable for your skin tone. Distribute the concealer on the troublesome areas of your skin and then distribute it using a beauty blender. It is best to apply a thin layer of concealer so that it is easy to combine with the foundation after that.


During the previous lines, we explained to you, Madam, the colors of the concealer and its uses, and what is the benefit of each color, as well as the skin problems that it covers. It is also important that you be aware of the ways to take care of your skin, to get rid of any impurities or defects related to it, before applying makeup, and thus you get An ideal look without the emergence of skin problems, so you can take advantage of the natural masks, which are available in this link, which are intended for the pre-make-up stage.