See what happens when you put Coca-Cola on the hair?

Have you ever tried Coca-Cola? It may be an interesting and western experience, Coca-Cola is a multi-use product, and one of these uses reminds Eleuk, one of the individuals who tried rinsing hair with Coca-Cola, that it is a cheap and inexpensive way to get straight and shiny hair, as it is easier when thinking about getting rid of the braid the night before and getting hair Straight the next morning


Actress and model Suki Waterhouse also mentioned her own experience of getting naturally straight hair with a lustrous texture. In one of her statements, she stated that, “She rinses her hair with Coca-Cola so that the hair looks straighter, larger, and feels good.

Suki mentions that she has found on many websites that they use Coca-Cola as an alternative to some shampoos. So when you buy two cans of Coca-Cola, it becomes enough for the purpose. Some on the Internet have claimed that you can use Coca-Cola as one of the hair care products to get the best results. Some may advise using Coca-Cola after shampooing, but you can use it without shampooing the hair.

Steps for applying Coca-Cola to the hair:

  • Prepare an empty container.
  • 2 cans of Coca-Cola (for long hair) or one can only in the case of short hair.
  • towel .

See what happens when you put Coca-Cola on the hair?

First and foremost, you should wear dark-colored clothes so that Coca-Cola does not cause any chaos on light clothes, especially white clothes. And also put a towel on the place of use so that Coca-Cola does not leave sticky brown spots anywhere.

  • Care must be taken when rinsing the hair with Coca-Cola so as not to harm the Coca-Cola eye and face. You can do the hair rinse yourself by inverting the hair in front of the face and going down the hair into the bowl and start pouring Coca-Cola on the hair gradually and distributing it on the hair evenly.

In the event that this is difficult, you can turn to one of your friends to help you pour Coca-Cola all over the hair.

  • You will certainly be tempted by the idea of ​​a sugary and sticky substance on the hair that becomes a suitable environment for insects and microbes, but it is not normal to worry because Coca-Cola is not left for a long time. All you need is 5 minutes before rinsing the hair with water well.

Be careful not to use any additional styling products. You can blow dry the hair or leave it to dry on its own.

Then you will notice the difference in the shape of the hair and that it has become more straight.

Coca-Cola does not have a frizz effect because it contains phosphoric acid, a low pH and when applied to the hair, makes the hair strands more smooth and defined. Others say that sugar causes hair to appear fuller and heavier. Coca-Cola acts as a caustic substance that helps in straightening the hair and also leads to amplifying the volume of hair to give the illusion that it is lifted and appears larger.

The first experiment :

See what happens when you put Coca-Cola on the hair?

The hair before the experiment was brittle and looks dull and has more frizz, but the hair after washing it with Coca-Cola became straighter and more shiny, especially when washing the hair with cold water after finishing applying Coca-Cola.

Second experiment:

Watch what happens when you put Coca-Cola on the hair? 2

I have thick, long and wavy hair. After I poured Coca-Cola into my hair, I was expecting it to become sticky, but it was smooth and less of its usual size, and nicely straightened, but not as lifted as I expected.

The third experiment:


I had very fine hair with a bit of frizz even though I don’t use more hair care products and after trying the Coca-Cola hair wash the frizz was noticeably reduced and coiled better the next day.

Some warnings from hair experts about the frequent use of Coca-Cola on the hair:

Philip Kingsley says Coca-Cola does not help to clean the hair, but rather leads to the accumulation of dirt particles in the hair. Despite its positive effect on obtaining soft hair, long-term use gives unpleasant results to the scalp.

Annabelle Kingsley adds that Coca-Cola makes the hair look shiny, but other ingredients, such as high-fructose corn syrup, make the hair sticky, and if the hair and scalp are not cleaned, it leads to various problems

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