Save your money.. simple steps to do a home pedicure

The word “pedicure” is often associated in our minds with polishing the toenails in luxury care centers, which can cost money, the women need not waste it, but in fact it is related to the care of the feet, which you should give to your feet at least once every two weeks, and it does not necessarily require Nail polish ensures smooth feet that are free from cracks and dryness.

Beautician, Dima Khalifa, points out the possibility of doing a “home pedicure” in simple steps that save time and money, and can be done at home using simple tools that can be easily acquired… How is that?






1. Do a light massage of the feet, by massaging the soles of the feet using the thumbs in a circular motion, to relieve tension in the tight muscles of the feet, then pull the toes forward one by one forward to help relax them.


2. Soak the feet in water for 5-10 minutes, in a bowl of lukewarm water. A few drops of essential oils, or Dead Sea salts, can be added to give the feet a beautiful scent and to soften the skin, in addition to helping you relax.

3. Rub the feet in a circular motion with a foot brush to get rid of dead skin. For areas where dead skin is thicker, such as: the heel of the foot or the edges of the toes, it is preferable to use a pumice stone, or a foot file, taking care to cool it gently.


4. Trimming the toenails, the task of trimming them is easy as they are soft after soaking with water.


5. Use a nail file to get a straight nail look, preferably using a crystal or glass file, and avoid metal; Because despite its cheap price, it will cause cracks in the nail, and you must not forget to cut it straight, and not be too short.


6. Use the orange-handled stick, or the so-called “cuticle pusher”, to push the skin under the nail; Which covers the edge of the nail downwards.


7. Moisturizing the skin with a special oil for that area so that it does not crack, and to keep the nail moisturized, because any wound or tear can lead to inflammation, and some women do not want to do this step, and there is nothing wrong with ignoring it.


8. Use a moisturizer or lotion to rub your feet from the top, bottom and between the toes, and avoid exaggerating its use (especially between the toes), so as not to get fungus

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