sanitary pads

One day, women can use a cotton pad (tampon – a type of feminine sanitary pad)

To detect certain diseases in their bodies, such as uterine cancer or fibrosis.

After attaching the cotton pad to monitor developments on the body’s systems, this is the latest addition to the sanitary pad that is tied inside the vagina. But this time the thread

The one inserted into the vagina will monitor your health and detect the presence of certain diseases. This “smart” cotton pad, as researchers from Harvard University in America call it, will

It actually allows them to detect certain diseases when analyzing the blood absorbed by the felt during menstruation, such as cervical cancer, endometriosis or uterine fibrosis.

Annual check up

Women will be able to monitor their health status with regard to gynecological diseases, outside the times of visiting the specialist doctor. But, it is worth


Point out that this cotton pad is not a substitute for an annual visit to the gynecologist.

“You can catch any kind of disease at any time of the year,” says Reddhi Taryal, a Harvard researcher and co-inventor of the method.
And if this disease remains dormant for a whole year inside your body until the time for your annual examination, the consequences will be dire and the consequences more serious than you think, and this system has to change.”

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