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Avoid foods that cause heartburn

Here are some tips to treat heartburn:

Avoid foods that cause heartburn.

They are foods that can be summarized as follows:

• Coffee, alcoholic beverages, soda and other soft drinks

or containing caffeine.

• Citrus fruits such as green lemon and pineapple.

• Chocolate and high-fat baked goods such as cakes and pastries.

• Refined foods, vinegar, fried foods, and oily and spicy items such as pickles.


• Raw salad vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, grapefruit, radish, cabbage and pepper.

• Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

Because drinking water provides immediate relief from symptoms of flatulence, flatulence and acidity.

• Eating milk or dairy products, because they are useful in relieving the symptoms of acidity.

• Cloves also help relieve symptoms of pregnancy.

• A cup of vanilla ice cream and a cup of cold milk

They also help relieve heartburn and acidity within minutes.

• Almonds are also a good source for relieving the symptoms of heartburn and acidity.

Here it is recommended to eat a few almonds

When a person begins to feel the symptoms of heartburn.

• Keep the head elevated using a wedge-shaped pillow.

Sleeping on the left side also prevents acid reflux during the night.


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