Retros, Eclipses: How Do Celestial Events Affect Our Physical Health?

Mercury retrograde continues to be one of the most curious celestial events of recent times. Many users on social media blame retros and eclipses for the unfortunate events that happened to them. Mercury retrograde means Mercury retrogrades three or four times a year. This orbital retrograde affects the intelligence and communication that Mercury represents. So, how do these celestial events, which are claimed to significantly affect our mood, affect our physical health? We researched and wrote about the effects of celestial events on our physical health for you. If you want to be prepared for the upcoming retro periods, you are at the right place! 😊 Here are the effects of celestial events on our physical health, from eclipses to retrogrades

  • We are part of the universe. The universe is a part of us!
celestial events

So everything is interconnected in one way or another. Changes in space bring with it an energetic change. Some draw us in, while others make us question everything around us.

We are each unique. Therefore, celestial events actually affect us all differently from each other.

celestial events

Many of us feel drained when the cosmos releases a low energy. We literally become lazy, numb. Even our intestines are affected by this situation. Many people say that they experience digestive problems when energy drops in the cosmos.

Things change when the energy of the cosmos rises!

For example, at a full moon, you may feel as if you are going through a change. Everything you experience is dramatically strengthened. This can cause sleep problems. Some energies pull us in, while others push us out. It all depends on what the universe is sending you!

Inner energies, contrary to popular belief, are very useful.

celestial events

They support us in returning to ourselves. They stimulate healing, push us to learn. In these periods, we can find solutions to many things by getting to know ourselves better.

Listen to the energies!

celestial events

Everything we experience in this life has a meaning. The universe works mysteriously and continues to work whether we want it or not. If you’re experiencing headaches, nausea, uncontrollable emotions, hot flashes, or anything like that, it could be because of shifting energies. Try to listen to the universe!

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