Retinole from Glycolic Acid: The Most Effective Anti-aging Skin Care Components

Getting older can be a scary or uncomfortable thing for many people. However, aging is one of the most natural processes of life. One of the clear signs of physical aging is changes in the skin. Wrinkles, sagging or pigmentation disorders. All these are the most obvious signs of physical aging, but quite annoying processes! However, it is possible to be protected from these deformities that occur on the skin! There are many anti-aging skin care components that can reduce the effects of aging on the skin! On the other hand, these components are not only important for fighting against the signs of aging, but also for having a healthy skin. Because whether you like it or not, your skin wears out! Therefore, products that prevent your skin from wearing out more, speed up the cell cycle and increase collagen production may be more important for your skin than you think! Here, the 9 most effective ingredients that can be used to have healthy skin…


1. Sunscreen


According to studies, the most important cause of wrinkles on the face and aging in general is the sun! This is because of UV rays! UV rays are known to cause many skin conditions! Wrinkles and lines on the face, sagging skin, deterioration of skin tissue and pigmentation disorders are caused largely by UV rays. Therefore, using sunscreen at every moment of daily life is extremely important for healthy skin.


2. Niacinamide


Niacinamide is a highly effective anti-aging skin care ingredient. A 2021 study showed that the niacinamide component reduced wrinkles and removed stains from the skin! In addition, again in the same study it became clear that this component was an extremely good moisturizer. All of this makes niacinamide a highly effective anti-aging ingredient. For this reason, many anti-aging serums have a niacinamide component in them. But this component can cause redness and irritation, especially on sensitive skin. For this reason, those with sensitive skin are advised to use care serums with a lower density of niacinamide…


3. Retinol


Retinol, a derivative of vitamin A, is among the most effective anti-aging components. Because retinol increases collagen production in the body and accelerates cell regeneration. It also cleanses the dead cells that cause wrinkles and a rough look, and keeps the skin tightened! For this reason, some serums and creams containing retinol are among the most effective weapons of anti-aging struggle. However, this component may need to be used for several months without seeing its rejuvenating effects.


4. Hyaluronic acid


Hyaluronic acid is an extremely beneficial component for skin health. We can describe this component as quite good, even as a great moisturizer. This is because water molecules bind to hyaluronic acid molecules. However, some scientific studies show that this component is very useful for eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. That is why some cleansers, moisturizers and serums have a rich content of hyaluronic acid! But still, there is a possibility that you will have an allergic reaction to this component. So, it is useful to be careful when using this miraculous component.


5. Glycolic acid


There are many anti-aging care techniques and products that can be applied to get rid of wrinkles on the face. But for truly healthy skin, it is not enough to get rid of wrinkles alone! For this, it is also necessary to get rid of dead skin on the skin. This is where glycolic acid comes in. However, when this ingredient is overused, which is an excellent health source for the skin, it can cause the skin to become irritated and sensitive to UV rays…


6. Ferulic acid


Many of the best anti-aging care products on the market contain ferulic acid. Because this component has many properties that can fight aging. However, according to research, ferulic acid also increases the effect of other anti-aging components. It is also an extremely good protector against UV rays, the biggest enemy of the skin!


7. Vitamin C


This natural and miraculous ingredient is of incredible importance for a healthy life. But as far as the skin and anti-aging struggle is concerned, the importance of vitamin C is growing by a factor! Vitamin C is one of the most effective ways to increase collagen production. This helps to tighten the skin and eliminate wrinkles. Vitamin C is also very important for the disappearance of spots on the skin. Finally, vitamin C, an effective antioxidant, acts as a shield against UV rays…


8. Vitamin E


One of the biggest supporters of those who want to start a war against old age and get rid of the signs of aging on the skin is vitamin E! Because vitamin E is an effective protector against UV rays! It also has the ability to slow down skin aging. In addition to all this, it is also an extremely effective protector for dryness and wounds on the skin.


9. Peptides


Peptides are also highly effective anti-aging products like the other ingredients on our list. Because peptides are amino acids that significantly increase collagen production! Collagen is one of the basic elements that keeps the skin smooth and tense! Some scientific studies show that peptides can greatly reduce wrinkles in as little as 2 weeks!

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