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Removing Toxins With Tomato Juice  

Removing Toxins With Tomato Juice








200 ml Purified Water


Preparation and application:


Wash the tomato and extract the juice with the help of a robot or blender.


Mix tomato and water.


You need to re-prepare this prepared mixture for each meal, and its consumption before meals should be as follows:


It should be consumed on an empty stomach half an hour before breakfast.


It should be consumed 20 minutes before lunch.


It should be consumed 20 minutes before dinner.




Apply this detox recipe, which will be consumed as 3 meals a day, once a week.


When you detox, toxins are removed from the body and pay attention to your nutrition in order to be healthier.


Do not peel the skins of the tomatoes.


Tomato is a great antioxidant with nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and fiber. When consumed in season and without hormones, the beta carotene, lycopene, folic acid, and abundant vitamins A and C contained in the tomato, which prevents inflammation, create a detox effect. Tomato juice, a recipe that you can add to your daily diet list, helps to maintain a balanced weight. Tomatoes also have many benefits for our health. These;


It gives a feeling of satiety for a long time.


It helps to lose weight. Its low sodium and high fiber content helps this.


It protects heart health.

It prevents vascular occlusion.


It strengthens the bones.


It gives energy.


It contains powerful antioxidants and takes on the task of protecting you against internal and external aging caused by the effects of free radicals.


It reduces high blood pressure.


It makes digestion easy.


It prevents the formation of gallstones.


It protects the liver and eliminates the problems that prevent the functions of the liver. Improves liver functions.


Thanks to the lycopene in its content, it prevents some types of cancer. (like prostate cancer…)


It acts as a regulator for those with triglycerides and cholesterol.


It prevents skin problems.


Obtain organically to make the most of tomato juice.

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