Remove Your Makeup with Green Tea

What are the natural methods for makeup removal ? Can homemade make-up removers be prepared?


In the evening, after returning from work or a pastime, it is very difficult to remove make-up. Because it is practical, various make-up remover products offered by the cosmetic world are preferred.


If your skin is sensitive to make-up remover products, if you are afraid of parabens and its derivatives and want to make your own natural make-up remover, offers a great recipe for you.


Natural methods for makeup removal


We will talk about what can be homemade natural make-up removal methods. Let’s first give our materials:


√ Green tea


√ Castor oil


√ Wheat oil


√ Ozone oil


Natural makeup remover recipe


1 teaspoon of castor oil, 1 teaspoon of ozone oil and 2 teaspoons of wheat oil are added to a cup of brewed green tea and put in a glass jar.


The mixture is shaken before each use and the skin is cleaned by dripping on a cotton ball.


This prepared natural make-up remover helps to purify the skin from all make-up residues, including eye make-up.


It can be stored in the bathroom cabinet. It should not be forgotten that natural products should be renewed frequently in order not to produce bacteria, although they do not spoil very quickly.


Vitamin E in wheat oil will also nourish the skin and repair tired and battered skin. However, it is recommended that people with skin types that may be allergic to these oils should be especially careful with eye make-up cleaning.



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