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Remove and reduce excess hair in the sensitive area - Care Beauty

Remove and reduce excess hair in the sensitive area

Removing and reducing excess hair in the sensitive area is one of the most common problems that women face, because this hair does not grow from the follicles and remains in the skin and usually occurs due to excessive hair shaving, waxing, plucking and incorrect removal methods. And it may cause redness, irritation or inflammation. Therefore, we offer you a set of important steps in getting rid of excess hair in the sensitive area and how to remove it in ways that prevent it from appearing thick and heavy later on.

Reducing excess hair in the sensitive area:

The first part of the steps: preparing the area

Clean the pubic area and around it well: by taking a hot shower to open the pores and to help you remove hair easily.

If you cleaned the area recently, you can apply a hot compress by opening hot water on a towel for a minute and pressing it and then placing it on the pubic area for a minute.

Taking a bath with English salt: If the length of the hair is small and does not appear, you can take a bath in a bathtub with water and English salt to help reduce inflammation.

Dry the area well by placing a towel while preparing for hair removal.

Purchase an astringent antiseptic solution containing salicylic acid that you can find at acne drug stores.

Part Two, Preparing the Materials for Hair Removal:

The tweezers must be sterilized well before using them, and it is preferable to use clean and sharp tweezers to get rid of hair.

Washing hands of bacteria.

The third part, hair removal of the sensitive area:

Press the hair of the sensitive area with your fingers well, as it helps reduce the strength of the hair while removing it.

Pull the hair with tweezers, preferably sharp tweezers to avoid breaking the skin.

Apply the astringent solution to a cotton pad to try to wipe the area well, clean it, and dry any blood present in the area.

Allow the area to dry well in dry air, then apply the salicylic solution several times per day.

You can apply a topical ointment like Neosporin to prevent any infection. It is preferable to wear cotton underwear until the wound heals.

Part Four, Reducing Hair Growth:

Avoid using shaving a lot in this area in addition to that it makes the hair grow under the skin again.

Apply salicylic lotion after hair removal. It can even exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells.

Wear cotton underwear instead of synthetic fabrics because it allows them to breathe and reduce infection.

Do not wear tight pants or jeans because they increase hair growth in this area.

Natural mixtures for removing sensitive area hair:

sugar mixture:

Prepare a mixing bowl and put in it about 3 tablespoons of sugar and one tablespoon of lemon and mix all these ingredients and then apply the mixture to the sensitive area in the opposite of hair growth to weaken hair growth.

The mixture of besan and salt, all you need is to apply a little besan, salt and water and put it on this area every day to reduce growth, and when applied for a long time, it can remove excess hair and does not have any side effects.

Honey and sugar mixture: This mixture is very useful because it does not help in the appearance of coarse hair.. Mix a large hanging of honey with a large spoonful of sugar and mix them well and then apply it to this area and press with a cotton tape on it and then pull in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Aloe vera and honey: You can make a mixture of aloe vera and honey together and apply it warm on the sensitive area.

Honey and lemon: Prepare a mixing bowl and add honey and lemon to the sensitive area, as it is one of the best ingredients