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Recipes to exfoliate the lips and make them shiny

Many women suffer from chapped lips in the winter as a result of environmental factors, so we will provide you with recipes to exfoliate the lips and make them pink and shiny.

To get soft and radiant lips, madam

1- Peeling:
Do the peeling process 3 times a week in order to remove dead skin from the lips, massaging the lips in circular motions.

2- Use a lip balm:
Try as much as possible, madam, to keep your lips moisturized on a daily basis and frequently throughout the day, so that the lips gain the softness and moisture they need.

3- Removing the lipstick:
Mrs. “Arab Women Magazine”, clean your lips of lipstick immediately after entering the house, so that you do not have layers of dead skin.

Recipes to exfoliate the lips and make them pink and shiny


1) Olive oil and sugar:
Put a little olive oil and sugar on your lips and massage your lips for a full minute on a weekly basis.

2) honey:
Take a little honey and rub your lips, then massage them for 5 minutes and wash them with cold water, on a daily basis, madam.

3) Toothbrush:


If you don’t feel like making a scrub, use a clean, soft toothbrush, wet it with water and rub your lips in circular motions.

4) coffee:
Madam, mix a little ground coffee and olive oil and apply it gently on your lips, then massage and exfoliate, then rinse with water.

5) Vaseline and cinnamon:
Mix Vaseline with cinnamon to get a thick consistency, then rub the lips well and softly, after washing, apply a lip balm.

Try to exfoliate daily or at least on a weekly basis to get pink lips, especially since the winter season makes your lips dry and cracked.

We advise you, dear, to drink plenty of water to moisturize your body and lips, to get a perfect body and a bright face.

Make hydration a priority because the body needs to be taken care of on a daily basis.

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