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Reasons why it is difficult for women to lose weight - Care Beauty

Reasons why it is difficult for women to lose weight

Reasons why it is difficult for women to lose weight




1. The female body is designed to store more fat than the male


Women store more fat than men, as they need the extra fat for childbirth, hormone production as well as breastfeeding.




2. Emotions get in the way of your weight loss journey


With every ups and downs of emotion, your body goes through a series of hormonal changes. This makes losing fat more difficult.




3. Women have less muscle mass than men


Muscle is the active component of the body, and the more muscle mass, the more calories a person can hypothetically burn, and since women have less muscle mass than men, weight loss becomes a relatively slower process.




4. Women usually eat more than men




Women generally do a lot more because they manage work, home, family, children, social obligations, and more, so they are more likely to reach for a convenient snack that may not be a healthy option and they may even eat unhealthy foods when they are stressed.



Follow a healthy diet for weight loss for women


The diet is supposed to be a simple food routine that a woman can follow for years. Therefore, a diet that aids in weight loss should focus on providing the right nutrients at the right time and in the right amount.




Everyone has unique requirements and therefore needs a unique diet but a simple format that most people can follow is…


• Start your day with a liter of warm water.


• After an hour, have a cup of celery, ginger and lemon juice.


• For breakfast, choose cereal of your choice with some spices, a tablespoon of sunflower seeds, a tablespoon of sesame seeds, and half of an orange or mandarin.


• Mid-morning, drink black tea or matcha tea.


• For lunch, eat a grilled protein, a cup of cooked vegetables, a spoonful of ketchup and a little brown rice.


• In the evening eat 2-3 nuts with fruit or yogurt.


• For dinner .. a piece of fish the size of the palm of the hand or a cup of beans with a bowl of vegetables such as salad.


• After dinner… drink a cup of ginger and chamomile tea.