proven natural ingredient in lip plumping

Inflating the lips, highlighting and softening them is one of the operations that women need to do, especially if this is by adopting natural recipes that work with the power of Botox without using it, or using any of the chemicals. There are many natural solutions found in all homes that achieve tremendous results, and give A woman has everything she desires and strives for to be in the best suit and the most beautiful view. All that she desires to obtain a distinctive and very aesthetic result, you will find many materials that achieve an excellent result.

Here, through this article from your favorite magazine, “The care Beauty Magazine”, we suggest to you, dear, a distinguished set of natural recipes that you can try to get the result you are looking for, which is to inflate the lips, smooth them and make them stand out strongly, and enjoy a wonderful hero that increases you a kind of brilliance and self-confidence From the first uses, do not hesitate to choose what suits you.


Use cinnamon to plump and accentuate the lips:



Use cinnamon for lips


The process of lip augmentation and highlighting is one of the important steps for every woman, especially since prominent lips are one of the basic beauty features for every female, especially in our time when the softness of the lips has become the fashion of the times and a fashion that all women resort to, and here we chose to offer you this proven recipe Guaranteed by many women who have testified to its power in achieving perfect results.

All you will need is a spoon of ground cinnamon, a spoon of natural honey, and a spoon of coconut oil, after that you provide these ingredients, mix them well until you get a distinctive creamy mixture, then apply it on your lips and leave it for 20 minutes, then clean your lips and repeat the recipe Every day for 10 days you will see results that will amaze you.


Try a mixture of olive oil and honey to inflate the lips and highlight them:



Use olive oil and honey


If you want to inflate and highlight the lips, do not hesitate, my dear, to apply this natural recipe that we suggest to you and which many women have already tried, as it achieved a large percentage of demand, in recent periods, and gave very ideal results, and these ingredients that will achieve every female dream are present and available In every home and inexpensive.

In the recipe, you will need a spoon of honey, a teaspoon of olive oil and a few drops of peppermint oil, then mix all the ingredients until they are homogeneous, then take a quantity of them and apply it on the lips, with a massage and leave the mixture on the lips for about 30 minutes, while always massaging, then rinse the mixture and do not Forget to repeat the process every day for 15 days and you will see the tremendous result.

Try the yeast recipe for lip plumping and highlighting:


Use yeast


Everyone who wants to get a wonderful and perfect result in lip plumping and highlighting, here you will find the natural solution that will achieve this for you, which will give you the result you dream of, without using Botox or fillers or others, everything is available to you at home and you will find it in front of you with ease to achieve your aesthetic look With naturally prominent lips, without the cost.


All you will need is a teaspoon of instant yeast, and a little warm water, then mix these ingredients well, then add drops of blossom water and mix again, then apply the mixture on your lips and leave until you feel that it begins to dry, then rinse and repeat the recipe every day You will see that your lips will turn into prominent lips in no time.


Important tip:


Natural recipes are among the aesthetic solutions that can be resorted to, especially since they remain safe and preserve the skin and hair. Maintain it throughout the specified period until the results are strong and good in the end.