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Protein diet facts and secrets

The protein diet is one of the most popular types of diet, especially in recent times. This type forces everyone who follows it to eat a lot of protein in order to provide you with the necessary calories. On the  website , we will know how this type of diet works, and is it from a health point of view that it has harm or has no effect??


How does the protein diet work?


When you are subject to a diet completely free of carbohydrates, the body is exposed to many changes in the process of metabolism called ketosis, during which all fats in the body are burned in the form of fuel as a result of the lack of periods of external calories until the energy needed for all vital processes in the heart and brain is formed and the rest of the body parts. This condition makes you feel hungry less than normal times and eat less food, but if this condition continues for a long time, it can cause many health problems that we will discuss later.


As a result of the above, your body turns from a tool to burn carbohydrates into a tool for burning fat , and the presence of these fats does not compensate for other carbohydrates because you do not eat them in the first place, so the percentage of fat in the body gradually decreases, which reduces your weight


What are the health problems you are exposed to?


1. Kidney failure: As the increase in the proportion of protein in the blood increases the stress of the kidneys , which exposes the person to kidney problems


2. High blood cholesterol: It is known in the medical community that an increase in protein intake during the day leads to high cholesterol in the blood, which increases the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.


3. Kidney stones: Eating a lot of proteins leads to an increase in the proportion of calcium in the blood, which the body cannot deal with completely, so the kidneys are forced to deal with it directly, which accumulates in it and causes stones


4. The state of ketosis: It is the state that the body reaches from burning fat. It is also a source of health problems, as the body loses the process of burning glucose, which causes some damage in the body’s organs that may reach breathing problems. To avoid reaching this state, it is preferable during this diet to eat At least 100 grams of carbohydrates


Therefore, before you make the decision to follow a protein diet, it is preferable to go to the doctor to be under his supervision so that unwanted health complications do not

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