Daily habits that cause skin aging, so beware of them

You may be in your early thirties or even in your late twenties.

And you’re starting to notice fine lines on your skin!… It’s a big shock, for sure! But what can be done to solve it?

He answers you that premature skin aging may appear as a result of some bad habits

which we follow daily, and we do not know; Therefore, the site reassures you, and offers you the most important of these


Habits to avoid immediately, and to try to save your skin and restore its youthfulness again, as soon as possible:

1. Eat a lot of sweets and chips: Eating sweets leads to an increase in sugar, while chips contributes

and other types of processed foods cause saturated fat buildup under the skin; All of this contributes to the dullness and premature aging of your skin.

2. Not getting enough sleep: Make sure to get enough sleep, not less than seven hours at night,

In order to renew the skin itself and get rid of dark circles around your eyes. Later, you will feel younger than your normal age.

As for sleep during the day, no matter how many hours it is, it will only benefit your skin with paler and more years to it.

3.Watching TV: Studies have shown that people who spend more than six hours

In front of the TV they are more likely to be overweight. Later, it will make you look older than you are.

4. Lack of exercise: Regular exercise helps prevent many health problems,

It also increases blood flow to the entire body, making your skin look fresh and vibrant.

5. Do not use eye cream: Make sure to apply eye cream every day before going to sleep to protect yourself

On your eye from fine lines, and to help keep the skin around the eyes tight.

6. Use sunscreen on the sea only: The main cause of premature aging of the skin is the sun’s rays.

So, make sure to put sunscreen constantly, when you go out of the house, whether in summer or winter to protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

7. Putting a lot of makeup: The large quantities of makeup that are placed on the skin, especially those made

Of the products that contain a lot of oils, clog the pores of the skin; This causes it to dry out and remove its natural oils, before wrinkles appear on your skin.

8. Sleeping on the face: Sleeping on the face leads to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin, due to a collision

Pillow your face. So, avoid sleeping on the face, and sleep on your back to keep your skin smooth, and without lines.




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