Prominent, soft and pink lips

Prominent, soft and rosy lips, is the dream of every female on earth, especially since puffy lips have become the fashion adopted by women in recent years, so it is very necessary for my lady to look for radical solutions that will achieve this for you, and make your look soft and wonderful at all times, In order to bring you closer to the subject and make the process easier for you, we offer you these distinctive and simple solutions, which consist of simple natural recipes from the heart of the kitchen, and work with the power of Botox.


Madam, you can try it and choose what suits you so that you can get the result you dream of and desire, especially since your attractive look means everything to you, through our magazine you will find natural recipes that contain simple ingredients that you can easily adopt, to get the result that you to your liking and desire, without the need for Botox or filler injections that we see approved by international stars.


First – Shea Butter and Cinnamon for prominent, soft and rosy lips: Use Shea Butter


To get prominent, soft and pink lips without chemicals or the problems caused by them, do not hesitate, Madam, to try one of the recipes suggested to you, which will achieve the result you want all the time, you do not need much, just a spoonful of shea butter, drops of cinnamon oil and a little Cinnamon powder, an ingredient that is available in every home.


Then mix all the ingredients well until they are homogeneous, then take a quantity of the mixture and apply it on your lips and leave it for 30 minutes, then rinse well and paint your lips with a little coconut oil, a moisturizing cream, a natural chalk polisher, or olive oil if any of these ingredients are not available. And do not forget to repeat the recipe every day for 10 days, the result will amaze you.


Second – Cinnamon and Vaseline for prominent, soft and pink lips:


Using Vaseline and Cinnamon


To get a distinctive result, very impressive, represented by prominent, smooth and pink lips, you can adopt this distinctive natural recipe, which consists of simple and easy materials and you can provide it without trouble, as you will need a little cinnamon powder and a little medical Vaseline, which is available and at a price. Appropriate.


After you have provided these ingredients, mix them well until they become a soft cream, then apply the mixture on your lips and leave it for about 20 minutes, then massage the lips with the mixture in circular motions for 3 minutes, then rinse and rub your lips with a little olive oil, and repeat the recipe every day For 10 days to achieve the desired result.





Third – hot pepper and olive oil for prominent, soft and rosy lips: the use of hot peppers


You may be surprised by this recipe in which you see hot pepper, but it is tried and guaranteed by many women, but if you suffer from hot sensitivity, do not try it at all, and if you do not suffer from that, you can prepare half a spoon of hot pepper and a little olive oil, which It is enough to mix the component.


Then take the two ingredients together and mix them well until you get a well homogeneous mixture, then apply the mixture on your lips with stirring and massage for 3 minutes, then remove it and rinse your lips gently and brush with a little coconut oil or olive oil, you will see that the result will be wonderful and you will like it very much, But you have to repeat the recipe from time to time.


Fourth – mint and natural olive oil:


Madam, you can also adopt this distinctive recipe, which achieved an important percentage of positive results, and was admired by many women of different ages. Olive is an ingredient that is available in every home and you do not need much for this recipe.


After that, madam, you can chop the soft mint leaves, add olive oil to it, then mix well until you get a consistent mixture that you can apply on your lips, and leave it for about 45 minutes, then remove it gently and then rinse with cold water, and you will see that there is a change, and you can of course repeat The recipe every day to get prominent, soft and pink lips.


Important tip:


Each of us wants to have those puffy, prominent, soft and pink lips, this increases the beauty of every female and gives her that elegance that she dreams of, and in which she sees herself as other famous stars, but not everyone can adopt Botox or fillers, so there is always Alternative solutions that are always safe and distinctive, and they are the natural recipes that you can choose from, my lady, that suits you and is in line with the type of your skin.