Foods prohibited during menstruation


During the period of the menstrual cycle, the girl experiences the usual moments of exhaustion and fatigue,

One of these health problems is the problem of “bloating”, which is the trapping of air inside the body

Which causes stomach upsets and a feeling of vomiting or belching.




To get rid of this problem, you should avoid eating foods rich in salt.

Such as pickles, herring, old cheese, licorice drink, rumi cheese,

All of them work to store salts in the body, which leads to flatulence.



And completely stay away from any entertainment, such as Sudanese and types of pastries from the pulp

Stuffed foods, especially with grape leaves, in addition to cauliflower, whether boiled or roasted,

And make your food with less oil.




Also, during menstruation, make sure to reduce as much legumes as possible

That works on flatulence, such as beans and lentils, and it is preferable to eat foods rich in fiber

that help in regulating digestion, as well as fruits and vegetables,

Be careful not to get constipated.




Drink plenty of water, but don’t waste it, especially in winter

So that you don’t have to go to the bathroom a lot, especially since the bladder is during this period

Be unable to hold water for a long time.

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