Prepare a perfumed body from natural materials

We offer you a natural way to perfume and moisturize the body and maintain a fresh scent for a long time at small costs, learn the method with us according to the “Your Beauty” website.

Prepare a perfumed body from natural materials
Diy body perfume

Glysolid cream.
Two tablespoons of glycerin.
Two tablespoons of almond oil.
20 drops of your favorite essential oil.

Method of preparation
– In a warm water bath, melt Vaseline or Glysolid well, then add glycerin, almond oil to Vaseline, and stir the mixture well.
– After the Vaseline has cooled and before it freezes again, add the essential oils, and leave the mixture until it freezes.
Use this mixture on pulse points such as the neck, wrist and behind the knee to perfume the body throughout the day.