Perfume your hair, it’s the hair trend of the moment

Who doesn’t love having smelly hair?
Sometimes, we regret that the fragrance of its conditioner or mask, remains ephemeral on our hair. Even though clean hair already smells pleasant, there are natural ways to enhance or even transform it.
The perfume has existed since ancient Egypt, the Latin etymology of the word literally means “that which spreads through (a space) like smoke”. In the past, herbs and incense were burnt to collect their vapor.
To pleasantly scent them, nature is full of treasures… There is no question of spraying alcohol-based perfume on your hair. Here are some easy-to-find product ideas that are safe for the hair fiber:

Monoï de Tahiti
This Monoi or Tahitian oil is an excellent natural product that you can use for the body and for the hair. It is obtained by macerating Tiare flowers (Gardenia Tahitensis) in coconut oil, which gives it a very particular exotic aroma similar to that of vanilla.
We recommend its use especially in summer, because on the one hand it perfumes the hair, and on the other hand gives them softness and shine, while protecting them from the sun’s rays. In addition, it provides the hair with a powerful antioxidant like vitamin E, and it hydrates and repairs them deeply; If you use it regularly, you don’t need to apply conditioner after washing your hair.
We do not recommend its application on oily hair.
Flower hydrosols
Hydrosols are obtained by the distillation of plants during the process of extracting essential oils. It is therefore the water which is obtained during the extraction of an oil and which contains the water-soluble elements of the plant, trace elements and a small quantity of essential oil; therefore, it partly retains the aroma of this plant and its properties, but much lighter and less concentrated. These hydrosols are less popular nowadays, but their therapeutic use dates back to antiquity.
Here are the ones we particularly recommend:

Orange blossom hydrosol: orange blossom, or neroli, has a very particular and enchanting aroma, with relaxing properties. Used on the scalp, it helps regulate the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

Rosemary hydrosol: rosemary has always been used for its health benefits and for the beauty of the hair because it activates the circulation, it prevents hair loss and effectively treats the problems that may arise in the scalp. In addition, it has a great cleaning power and a very fresh vegetable aroma.

Mint hydrosol: this is the most refreshing hydrosol, ideal in the hot season when the scalp sweats easily. It is also used to prevent the formation of dandruff.

It is essential to ensure that they are pure and of good quality, because there are a large number of artificial essences on the market which are passed off as natural essences.

Rose water
Rose water is the floral water par excellence; it is mostly used in a traditional way in Indian culture. It has a delicate and very feminine aroma. Its effects are balancing, regenerating and antioxidant. We recommend its use on intimate and special occasions as it has aphrodisiac properties.
A concentrated lavender infusion
Lavender has cleansing and relaxing properties as well as a delicious aroma; this is the reason why it is used to perfume the hair, quite simply by preparing a concentrated infusion of its flowers.
It is a very sweet fragrance that can be sprinkled several times a day, ideal for children, etc.

Essential oils
Essential oils allow you to make your own natural hair fragrances the easiest way and using your favorite aromas. Just mix a few drops with a little water, stir well and spray. We recommend the following oils:

Ylang-Ylang: an intense floral aroma with aphrodisiac properties.

Mandarin: sweet and refreshing, it has relaxing properties that lift your spirits and put you in a good mood.

Bergamot: Bergamot is the note that gives tea its characteristic flavor. It has a very special aroma and antidepressant properties.

Jasmine: soft, delicate and relaxing, it goes very well with other aromas.

Lemon: lemon brings a note of cleanliness and freshness; its aroma goes well with that of other citrus fruits.

How to apply it
Transfer the perfume to a spray bottle and spray it on your hair from a distance of about 20 centimeters so that it is evenly distributed over the hair without getting it too wet. You can massage your hair or style it to soak it in.
We recommend that you take the spray bottle in your bag to spray your hair with perfume if it has been exposed to strong odors.

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