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Pearls, diamonds and gold products for glowing skin


Pearls, diamonds and gold products for glowing skin

Cosmetics of gold, pearls and diamonds for skin care


Estée Lauder® Pearl Cream reduces aging lines

Pearl powder gains its beauty power from conchiolin, a complex protein that stimulates collagen production, enhancing skin moisture, and repairing cellular damage. Pearl powder contains many amino acids and minerals, which help in controlling the production of melanin to keep the skin clear and flawless, while protecting it from UV rays. In addition to containing powerful antioxidants, and more than 15 amino acids.


Natura Bissé Diamond Dust Night Serum Smoothes Wrinkles And Firms Skin

Diamond infused skin care appears to be the most popular. This luxurious substance makes skin look naturally youthful, glowing and flawless. Some studies have found that diamonds can boost collagen, make skin look radiant, and increase skin elasticity. As well as its ability to stimulate micro-circulation in the face.


A serum infused with golden particles to exfoliate and smooth the skin from La Prairie

Cleopatra has been using gold masks to preserve her beauty for thousands of years. And the Romans used it to treat skin diseases, and in ancient Chinese medicine, gold was the secret of youthful skin; Due to its anti-aging properties, by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fighting free radicals. It helps reduce inflammation that causes pimples and acne. In addition, it enhances the elasticity of the skin by stimulating the production of collagen, which is directly responsible for moisturizing the skin.

Dior Gold Leaf Mask that corrects, revitalizes and firms skin

The gold mask may come in the form of a real flexible mask, taking the shape of the face, with openings for the nose, eyes and mouth. Or a gold mask with a creamy formula, or a gold mask for a paper face. And finally, the gold mask in powder form

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