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Parsley juice is the solution to treat many diseases

Parsley is one of the most important sources of vitamin B and folic acid. It has a major role in preventing anemia and anemia. Parsley also fights the formation of homocysteine, a substance responsible for destroying blood vessels and responsible for causing clots in the heart and brain.
For his part, Dr. Khaled Youssef, a nutrition expert, recommended patients with arterial diseases and strokes to drink parsley juice with fruit juice, according to what the “Echo of the Country” website reported.

He also recommended it for pressure patients because it contains folic acid, which helps reduce pressure, and is rich in antioxidants that help prevent various cancerous diseases.
Parsley is also a substance rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, which are necessary for the body to prevent asthma and arthritis diseases, and it works to strengthen the body’s immune system, so doctors recommend it to make it part of your daily routine, whether eating it with salad or alone or drinking a drink.

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