Fat Burning Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is the name given to all the procedures performed by injection. There are varieties such as skin mesotherapy, hair mesotherapy and regional weakening. The contents of mesotherapies are different according to the application areas. In this article, we will talk about mesotherapy that provides regional fat burning.

Regional Fat Burning with PB Serum Mesotherapy

PB Serum is a mesotherapy consisting of enzymes. With PB Serum, fat burning can be achieved in small areas without any surgical procedure.

What are the PB Serum Types?

There are three different types of PB serum.

  • PB Serum Low
  • PB Serum Medium
  • PB Serum High

What Does PB Serum Low Do? What are the Benefits?

PB Serum Low is a mesotherapy for tightening under the eyes and reducing eye bags. PB Serum can be applied as 2 sessions depending on the patient’s complaint. There may be slight redness and edema after the application.

What Does PB Serum Medium Do? What are the Benefits?

PB Serum medium is applied to the jowl, face and body areas. It provides fat burning in the applied area. At the same time, it tightens the area to be applied and provides recovery. Edema and redness may occur after the application. The person can return to his normal life.

What Does PB Serum High Do? What are the Benefits?

High PB Serum is used on scars and scars. It contains high levels of enzymes. It has high therapeutic properties. The number of sessions to be applied varies according to the patient’s complaint. It can also be combined with collagen and hyaluronic mesotherapy.

Fat Burning with Needle Lipolysis

  • In needle lipolysis application, mesotherapy is injected into areas such as abdomen, waist and hips.
  • The fat cells in the treated area begin to shrink. Powershape with needle lipolysis,
  • Better results are obtained when combined with regional slimming devices such as Exemia and Ultrashape.
  • Fats melted by needle lipolysis are excreted through urine. Needle lipolysis can be applied once a week.
  • After needle lipolysis, the person can return to his normal life.
  • Needle lipolysis can also be applied to fat pads that disrupt the symmetry of the face.
  • Needle lipolysis can be applied to anyone over the age of 18. The transaction does not have any permanence period. When supported with sports and diet, the success rate of the procedure increases.

Fat Burning with Supreal

Supreal is a very powerful fat burning mesotherapy procedure. It is very effective in the jowl and neck area. The patient can see the effect of the procedure even in 1 session. The supreal procedure is extremely practical. A small amount of local anesthetic cream is applied to the area where Supreal will be applied and the patient is left for about 20 minutes. After the local anesthetic cream is cleaned, the product in the form of papules is injected into the areas with excess fat. Fat burning starts from the moment of application. Results are available within 15 days. After the patient is checked after 15 days, it is decided whether a second session will be held or not. Focus Ultrasound device can also be applied to the fat pads on the face. It has the feature of thinning the face. It provides maximum effect when combined with Supreal mesotherapy in the neck area. Focus Ultrasound is applied as a single session.

Fat Burning with Cocktail Cellulite Mesotherapy


Thanks to the oil-degrading components it contains, injection is made into the oil molecules in the form of masses. Thanks to the L-cartinine Mesostably and Meliloto it contains, it is a cocktail that helps to break up the fat masses that stand in the compound and reduce the appearance of cellulite (by tightening the skin). It is a painless procedure performed with a mesotherapy needle. Our patient can continue his daily life from where he left off after the procedure. Process intervals should be 4 sessions with minimum 1 week intervals. In cocktail treatments, very fast results are obtained with device combinations. With the mesotherapy needle, we can say goodbye to cellulite quickly with Power Shape tightening and Vella Shape. After the procedure, there is no redness, itching and burning sensation, and the person can continue his daily life on the same day.



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