Oreo Cheesecake


Cheesecake fans here? Yes, I am sure that you have consumed the most lemon and raspberry cheesecakes, which are the leading desserts we all enjoy with pleasure. Here is the time to try oreo, the most used flavor of recent times, as cheesecake.


2 eggs

1 glass of granulated sugar

600 grams of labneh cheese

200 ml cream

2 tablespoons of starch

1 tablespoon of flour

Half a lemon peel

For the base

2 pack oreo

2 spoonful butter

We whisk cream and labne cheese in a bowl. Then we add the eggs. After adding the sugar, we continue to whisk. For the base, we separate the oreos from their cream and pull them on the rondo. Then we fry it in butter for 2 minutes. We pour it into the adjustable circle and keep it in the refrigerator for half an hour. At the end of half an hour, we add our liquid mortar on the base we take out of the refrigerator and give it to the oven. After you get out of the oven, you can decorate it as you wish. If you wrap the circle with foil and put a container full of water at the bottom of the oven, you will prevent it from cracking. Enjoy your meal.

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