Orange … multiple benefits and two delicious recipes


The delicious orange fruit provides us with many health benefits, so what are the most prominent? How can it be incorporated into healthy, delicious and beneficial recipes at the same time?

In the report published by the French site “Maman Pour La Vie”, writer Marie Yves Bourassa said that oranges are a good source of vitamin “C” (C), and it also contains antioxidants.

Several studies have shown that regular consumption of this type of citrus can reduce the risk of some types of cancer, including esophageal, oral and pharyngeal cancer. Vitamin C found in oranges has also been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Because it contains vitamin “C”, we usually drink orange juice when we have a cold, but can oranges prevent or reduce cold symptoms?

Researchers conducted many studies to answer this question, and they concluded that vitamin “C” does not reduce the risk of colds, but it may help relieve symptoms.

According to the author, more than 40% of the oranges in the world turn into juices, but in most cases it is better to eat whole and fresh oranges to get the full benefit.

Here are two healthy recipes for eating oranges:

Orange cakes

the ingredients:

Two cups of quick-cook oatmeal.

Half a cup of almonds.

6 dates, roughly chopped.

3 tablespoons of chia seeds.

Half a cup of almond butter.

A third of a cup of honey.

Two tablespoons of orange juice.

Two tablespoons of grated orange peel.

A tablespoon of cinnamon.

Preparation method

Combine oatmeal, dates, chia seeds, and almond butter in a large bowl. Honey is heated with orange juice, peel and cinnamon over a medium heat for a period of one to two minutes. When the honey becomes hot and a liquid, the mixture is added to the dry ingredients, and everything is mixed.

Place parchment paper on a baking tray before applying the mixture, and then form a rectangle with a thickness of a quarter of an inch. And put the cake in the oven between 20 and 22 minutes at a temperature of 375 Fahrenheit, or until it becomes golden, and it is preferable to leave it to cool before cutting it.

Orange sauce

the ingredients:

A third of a cup of Greek yogurt is without sugar.

3 tablespoons of honey.

A quarter of a teaspoon of grated orange.

A spoonful of vanilla.

3 tablespoons of fresh orange juice.

Preparation method

Mix all ingredients and serve with the fruit.