Honey and Garlic: Health Benefits and Uses



Honey and garlic have many different health benefits, which can be enjoyed separately or mixed together, so what does that mean?

Honey and Garlic: Health Benefits and Uses

Honey and garlic have been used since ancient times in alternative medicine, until some began using them together for greater health benefit.

Garlic contains a substance known as allicin, which gives garlic its antibacterial properties. It should be noted that chopping garlic contributes to the release of a greater amount of this substance, but it is important to use garlic immediately so that you do not lose allicin.

As for honey, it is a powerful antioxidant, and it contains various beneficial and important substances for the health of the body.

Benefits of honey and garlic

Learn with us about the most important benefits of honey and garlic:

1- Fight bacteria

One of the most important benefits of the combination of honey and garlic is that it helps fight bacteria and prevent them from growing in the human body.

Among the most important types of bacteria that this mixture can eliminate, are those that cause pneumonia and those responsible for food poisoning.

Various scientific studies confirmed that honey and garlic each have benefits separately, but their benefits become doubled if mixed together.

2- Anti-virus

The honey and garlic mixture has the advantage of being anti-viral, meaning that it fights any viruses that enter the body, the most important of which are those that cause colds and influenza.

In a study targeting a mixture of honey and garlic, it was found that it works similarly to anti-viral drugs.

3- Promote heart health

If we examine both honey and garlic separately, you will find that they both promote heart health, so putting them in a mixture together, would have a double effect.

Where this mixture was found to work on:

Lowering high blood pressure levels

Control bad cholesterol levels

Reducing the risk of blood clots forming

Protection against atherosclerosis

Protect the heart muscle

Reducing the risk of heart disease.

4- Protect the brain and memory

Since this mixture has antioxidant properties, this means that it works to protect the brain, improve and enhance memory.

Some different practical studies have found that this combination reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia, which are diseases that affect the brain with age.

How to use honey and garlic

Due to the many benefits of honey and garlic, its use is extremely important, and it is possible to do this by:

Use them during cooking

Use garlic oil and mix it with honey

Salad dressing

Pickling garlic with the use of honey

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