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Nose hair removal can lead to death

Many people are disturbed by nasal hairs when they grow from the nostrils, but doctors warn that plucking them or over-cutting them poses a threat to life, so what is the reason for this?

Most women see that a man’s nose hair greatly reduces his attractiveness, not to mention that they also have it. Therefore, many resort to simply plucking it as it grows and grows. But this can carry health risks.


In this context, Erich Voigt, an otolaryngologist from New York University, states that it is necessary to leave this habit. And the German magazine “Focus” quotes the American doctor as saying that the nose hairs purify the air we breathe, removing many impurities from the lungs and airways.


But it is not just that, where the hairs grow inside the nasal cavity, bacteria multiply as well. When a person plucks or cuts the hairs of the nose, small open spaces are created, enabling parasites to enter the place.

The nose belongs to the so-called “risk triangle in the face”. And the veins that pass through it, are in direct contact with the brain. And if these bacteria get inside these veins, they can cause very serious infections, such as “brain abscess and meningitis,” says Voigt, who warns that such infections can cause a person’s death.

  • Thus, the American doctor advises that taking care of the aesthetics of the nose means shortening the hair inside it, and not plucking it or cutting it too much.
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