Neck beautification

The neck is an important organ in a woman’s body, and it must receive care and attention, including cleaning, massage, and beautification. In order to complete the beauty of the face, take care of it, and make it appear youthful and fresh, the neck must be beautified because it is the complementary and connected organ.

With the face..

A beautiful face does not mean anything, and its beauty does not appear at all with a flabby neck, as the lack of beauty of the neck in its appearance prevails over the beauty of the face.

The beauty of the neck depends on:




1- The extent of taking care of it, massaging it, and moisturizing it with moisturizing creams.


2- Incorrect sitting has a significant impact on the beauty of the neck, as the woman sits with her face on her face and thus embeds her neck between her shoulders, which causes sagging neck skin and a double chin, causing notches in the neck and fatty lumps.


3- Correct gait also affects the body and makes it tight and not flabby or swaying while walking. The neck must also be raised upward in order to have a long, youthful neck and also to maintain the safety of the spine.


4- It also helps to stiffen the neck by slouching and getting used to sleeping on a high pillow stuffed with hard stuffing.



5-The best treatment for a tired neck and back is to sleep lying down without a pillow on your back on a flat bed with no springs and sleeping without a pillow under the head.


6- Do not strain your neck by always wearing gold chains, because gold, along with sweat and dust, causes blackening of the skin due to the oxidation process.


7- It is necessary to pay attention to cleanliness of the neck once a day with water and soap, using a rough loofah, not a sponge, to massage the neck.


8- Do not deliberately moisten your neck with water alone, but rather scrub it daily.


9- After scrubbing the neck, you should dry it with a towel and massage it with it to stimulate blood circulation.


10- The neck must be replaced with the lost fatty substance by applying moisturizing creams to it.

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