Natural recipes to get a flat stomach

Apple cider vinegar recipe: Bring apple cider vinegar or buy it from a herbalist and add two tablespoons of it to a large cup of warm water and stir well until the apple cider vinegar mixes well with the water. Drink it after every meal, especially lunch, because it is considered the most fatty meal. Vinegar with warm water has it. It has great benefits in getting rid of fat, especially abdominal fat, and it works to absorb it, but keep in mind that you exercise walking every day for half an hour until you get rid of abdominal fat permanently.

Natural recipes to get a flat stomach (apple cider vinegar and drinking a cup of warm water) Nigella sativa recipe: Nigella sativa is soaked in water and placed on the fire until boiling, then filtered and drunk after every meal. This black seed has many benefits in getting rid of fat, especially fat. The abdominal area works to absorb fat and cleanse the body of any toxins or dirt stuck in it. This drink also helps to defecate well and on a daily basis, which makes the digestive system perform its vital functions in a healthy and sound way, which leads to obtaining a fit body free of abdominal fat, but taking into account that Do walking for half an hour every day until you get rid of fat completely.

Cherry recipe: Cherry juice has many great benefits in getting rid of body fat, especially abdominal fat. Drink this juice before breakfast and also an hour before lunch so that it suppresses the appetite. Therefore, do not eat a lot during breakfast or lunch. Continuing with this juice will make you lose weight. 6 to 7 kilograms per month, but by following a comprehensive diet free of fats and grease, and also by exercising regularly every day, you will get rid of fat completely, especially fat in the abdominal area. Lemon with cumin recipe: A little cumin is soaked with some rings of lemon and placed on the fire until boiling, then soaked overnight and drunk in the morning on an empty stomach before breakfast and also before lunch. This drink works to suppress the appetite and thus reduce weight and abdominal fat. Natural recipes for a flat stomach (lemon peel recipe with cumin, as this drink suppresses the appetite)

Lemon peel recipe: Soak the peel of two lemons in water, add drops of fresh lemon to this mixture, and drink it before breakfast on an empty stomach.

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